欢迎! Here at Madonna University, we place particular emphasis on the first year of college, 和 work to make it a smooth transition 和 a positive experience. 通过 the Office of 第一年的经验 (呸!咄!) we provide opportunities for you to get involved 和 to build relationships in the classroom 和 in the Madonna community. The Office of 第一年的经验 exists to ensure that your first year at Madonna is a great experience that will set you up to continue successfully through to graduation.

Our office will assist you through your time at Madonna by organizing 和 facilitating an orientation experience for incoming students, designing curriculum for our transition to college class (UNV 1020) to set you up for success, providing on-campus opportunities to meet new people 和 current students, 和 boasting a successful Peer Mentor program that gives you access to guidance from upper-level students from your first day on campus.