总统 Christopher Dougherty


欢迎 to Madonna University, established by the Felician Sisters over 85 years ago as a Catholic, independent college dedicated to the liberal arts, career preparation, 和 public service. As Madonna's 总统, I am proud to serve the students, alumni, faculty, staff, 和 friends of the University who each day recognize 和 engage in the many exceptional opportunities that define Madonna as a learning organization. 

Having joined the Madonna community in July 2023, I am humbled to be chosen to work with an ambitious, passionate, creative, 和 dedicated group of professionals whose primary focus is the education 和 success of students. We devote ourselves daily to preparing our learners for lives that will make the world a better place. 作为一个 community, we will continue to achieve great things as we live out our Franciscan values 和 carry on the legacy of our founders, the Felician Sisters of North America. In doing so, I am grateful for the opportunity to work with a talented Madonna team to serve as an anchor institution in Livonia 和 surrounding communities with a global 达到.

Please join me in exploring how Madonna University can be a part of your educational journey, a place to grow spiritually, socially, 和 professionally, leading to a rewarding career that changes lives in the process.


Christopher Dougherty, Ph.D

Academic Council

德博拉·邓恩,埃德.D. Provost 和 副 总统 for Academic Administration, Interim Dean of College of 护理 和 Health
伊恩·贝尔博士.D. Dean, College of 艺术 和 科学
Jessica Cummings, J.D. Interim Dean, School of 业务
Karen Obsniuk, Ph.D. Dean, College of 教育 和 Human Development
Elizabeth Prough, Ph.D. Interim Dean, 研究生 School
Elena Qureshi, Ph.D. Associate Dean, Office of Instructional Design 和 Development
Kenneth Thiel, Ph.D. Associate Dean, College of 教育 和 Human Development
苏珊·托马博士.D. Associate Dean, College of 艺术 和 科学
Stewart Wood, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Institutional Effectiveness

Executive Council

Christopher Dougherty, Ph.D 总统 
Chris Benson, Ph.D. 副 总统 for Student Affairs 和 任务 Integration
德博拉·邓恩,埃德.D. Provost 和 副 总统 for Academic Administration
Patricia Everett, M.Ed 副 总统 for Admissons 和 Marketing
Matt Rheinecker, Ph.D. 副 总统 for Advancement
Angela Rudolph, M.S. 副 总统 for Finance 和 业务 Operations


杰西·考克斯,M.Th Ed.S. Chief 多样性 Officer
克里夫·坎普.D., M.P.A. Assistant 副 总统, Dean of Students, 和 504 Coordinator
迪娜·杜比斯,m.s.B.A., M.S. Assistant 副 总统 of Enrollment Services 和 注册商
Tracey Durden, M.S.A., Ed.S. Assistant 副 总统 和 Chief Human 资源 Officer
Noel Emenhiser, M.S.B.A. Athletic Director 和 Head Coach-Men’s Basketball
Joshua Stotts, M.B.A. Chief Information Officer

Board of Trustees


Mr. 大卫J. 博伊德 椅子上, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones Investments, Northville, MI
Mr. 迈克尔Obloy 椅子上, 总统, Special Drill 和 Reamer Corporation, Madison Heights, MI
S.M. Aquinas Szott, CSSF Executive Committee – Psychologist / Spiritual Director, Felician Sisters of North America, Metuchen, NJ
Mr. 马修·比蒂 Secretary 和 Treasurer – Controller, Madonna University, Livonia, MI


Mr. 弗朗西斯X. Berkemeier 律师(ret.), Consumer Energy, Jackson, MI
Dr. Christopher Dougherty 总统, Madonna University, Livonia, MI
Dr. Stella Evangelista 总统 和 CEO, Maple Manor Rehabilitation Center of Novi, Novi, MI
Dr. 史蒂文·哈特 Re搜索 Investigator, University of Michigan, Medical School, Ann Arbor, MI
Ms. 玛丽亚福尔摩斯 董事(ret.), Community Impact-External Affairs, Comcast, Plymouth, MI
Mr. 罗氏制药麦克莱恩 Real Estate Advisor, RXMc Consulting, LLC, West Bloomfield Township, MI
Mr. Rodney Patterson CEO, The Learner's Group, Chicago, IL
Mr. 斯科特Seabolt Attorney Partner, Hickey, Hauck, Bishoff, Jeffers & Seabolt, Detroit, MI
S.M. Aquinas Szott, CSSF Psychologist/Spiritual Director, Felician Sisters of North America, Metuchen, NJ
Mr. 蒂莫西·盖特纳 Chairman 和 CEO, RT Specialty, Chicago, IL 
Mr. 吉姆Woodworth Chief Experience Officer, Success Group Mortgage 和 Servicing, LLC, Owosso, MI


Mr. Leonard Charles Suchyta

A Message from the Board of Trustees Chair, DJ 博伊德